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Wake On … IR

One of my old computers is used as a file backup server in my basement office. It is kept off most of the time and only powered on when I needed to sync up files. Continue reading ‘Wake On … IR’ »

AD7705/AD7706 Library

AD7705 and AD7706 are two 16-bit Sigma Delta ADCs. Equipped with on-chip digital filters and programmable gain front ends, these chips are ideal for low frequency multi-channel signal measurements. The main difference between AD7705 and AD7706 is that AD7705 has two fully differential input channels while AD7706 has three pseudo differential input channels. Continue reading ‘AD7705/AD7706 Library’ »

Interfacing DS7505

The DS7505 digital thermometer and thermostat is a very versatile temperature sensor. It offers 9 to 12-bit digital temperature readings between -55 and +125 Celsius with an accuracy of 0.5 degree. It can be used with any MCUs that has I2C support or can be pre-programmed and used in standalone applications as digital thermostats. Continue reading ‘Interfacing DS7505’ »

TCA9555 Library for Arduino

TCA9555 is a 16-bit I2C I/O expander from Texas Instruments. It allows the easy addition of 16 I/O ports on any device that supports the I2C bus. This makes it attractive for expanding the number of I/O pins on the standard Arduino platform using ATmega328. Up to eight TCA9555’s can be used on the same I2C bus and thus allowing up to an additional 128 digital pins to be added. Continue reading ‘TCA9555 Library for Arduino’ »