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My First PIC Project

I have been using AVR for quite a while but have never used any PIC micro-controllers from Microchip. It seems that both AVR and PIC camps have very strong preferences towards their own technologies and there are lots of AVR vs. PIC articles out there. So I thought why not give PIC a try and see it for myself. Continue reading ‘My First PIC Project’ »

AT&T DSL Usage Cap

Various reports suggest that AT&T DSL usage will soon be capped at 150GB per month starting May 2. And to help users monitor their data usage, AT&T has provided an online tool for users to monitor their internet usage. Continue reading ‘AT&T DSL Usage Cap’ »

Browser Statistics

Having recently read an article on the current overall browser statistics, I decided to comb through my server log to find out what the statistics look like on my site. Continue reading ‘Browser Statistics’ »

Server Upgraded

My site traffic has been increasing quite a bit recently and my old Pentium III server is certainly showing its age. I had originally planed to upgrade my server hardware last year, but it didn’t quite go as planned. So the plan was on hold till I finally got the hardware issue resolved. Continue reading ‘Server Upgraded’ »