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Interfacing ADS1224 With Arduino

ADS1224 is a 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter with 4-channel differential inputs multiplexer. This ADC chip offers a 20-bit effective resolution (6 to 7 digits of resolution in full scale), which makes it ideal in high-resolution voltage measurement applications. Continue reading ‘Interfacing ADS1224 With Arduino’ »

“Program Will Not Fit Into Available Memory” Error In CCS

I upgraded my Code Composer Studio (CCS) to 5.2.1 a few days ago. An interesting thing I found out was that while building existing Lauchpad projects, I was receiving a “program will not fit into available memory” error: Continue reading ‘“Program Will Not Fit Into Available Memory” Error In CCS’ »

Bring a Dead WD1001FALS Back to Life

I have a few Western Digital WD1001FALS 1 TB hard drives and they have been pretty reliable for the past few years until recently. One of my WD1001FALS’ died suddenly a few months ago. Since it was still under warranty, I sent the dead drive back to WDC and swapped for a replacement drive. A couple of weeks later however, another drive failed in a similar manner (the harddrive would not spin up). Instead of sending it back for another RMA, I decided to take a better look at what was causing the failure and see whether I could fix the drive myself. Continue reading ‘Bring a Dead WD1001FALS Back to Life’ »

Adding a Fan Controller to Topward 6603A

I did a review on Topward’s 6603A linear power supply last time. In my opinion, Topward 6000 series power supplies are really well made and offer exceptional performance. One minor annoyance though, as I mentioned, is that the two cooling fans are constantly on. This makes the otherwise great piece of lab equipment rather noisy, even when the load is light. Continue reading ‘Adding a Fan Controller to Topward 6603A’ »

Topward 6603A Linear Power Supply Teardown

I bought a used Topward 6603A lab power supply from eBay a couple of weeks ago and thought I would do a quick review and teardown and perform some basic measurements to see how well it was built. Continue reading ‘Topward 6603A Linear Power Supply Teardown’ »