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A Digitally Controlled Dual Tracking Power Supply — I

Power supply is one of those things one can never have too many of. I have quite a few already, and my favorite one so far is the Topward 6603A. This dual 60V/3A tracking power supply satisfies most of my needs. I have since added an automatic fan controller, digital voltage readout and a fine voltage adjust knob, making it even more pleasant to use. Another power supply that I regularly use was the one I built earlier last year. That power supply was based on an LM338 5A voltage regulator with added digital voltage/current readouts. But I have always wanted to build a power supply more or less from scratch without using those three terminal regulators. So this time around, I decided to design and build one from the ground up. Continue reading ‘A Digitally Controlled Dual Tracking Power Supply — I’ »

Using LTC1100 As Precision Voltage Adapter

A while ago, I built a precision voltage adapter using LMP8358. In this post, I will show you a similar precision voltage adapter built using a Linear Technology‘s LTC1100. Continue reading ‘Using LTC1100 As Precision Voltage Adapter’ »