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Samsung Galaxy S-Pen Waveform Capture

I was quite intrigued by the S-Pen that came with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. According to the specifications listed on Samsung’s site, the S-Pen supplied with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 he S-Pen supports 11 bits (2048 levels) of pressure levels and can be detected at a 15 mm hovering distance from the phone surface. Continue reading ‘Samsung Galaxy S-Pen Waveform Capture’ »

Keithley 614 Electrometer Teardown

In this blog post, we will take a look inside a 1980 vintage Keithley 614 Electrometer. While it was designed and built more than three decades ago, its performance is still pretty impressive (10 fA current resolution) even compared with today’s modern standards. Its performance was only rivaled by Keithley 617 in its days. Continue reading ‘Keithley 614 Electrometer Teardown’ »