Archive for August 2005

.Net on the Road

After I started my new job, I needed to commute longer then before. Continue reading ‘.Net on the Road’ »

Thoughts on Trend in Software Development

It seems that the computer hardware development has been stagnant for about a year now. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on Trend in Software Development’ »

More Disk Space Added

During the weekend, I had added another 250GB SATA drive to my server, so I could do more routine backups now. Continue reading ‘More Disk Space Added’ »

The Blackbox Approach to Software Development

Software designers have always strived to design the perfect software. Continue reading ‘The Blackbox Approach to Software Development’ »

Standards in Software Development

It is unarguably true that software development needs coding standard. Continue reading ‘Standards in Software Development’ »

Entering the Consulting World

I have decided to leave my current position at Mortgagebot LLC for a salaried consulting position at Stratagem. Continue reading ‘Entering the Consulting World’ »