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My First Few Days With Bing

So Microsoft’s new search engine Bing has been available for the general public for a few days. While I have read about Bing here and there, I decided to do some comparison myself between Bing and Google. Continue reading ‘My First Few Days With Bing’ »

MS-DEBUG 1981 – 2009

Earlier this week (May 5) Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate was released to the general public and like many technology enthusiasts I downloaded a copy early in the morning hours on Tuesday, shortly after Microsoft made it available on its website. Continue reading ‘MS-DEBUG 1981 – 2009’ »

Windows 7, An Updated Vista?

I just downloaded Microsoft’s latest OS beta — Windows 7 64bit, which was released to the general public two days ago. Continue reading ‘Windows 7, An Updated Vista?’ »

What Happened to the Testing?

You have probably heard the Zune fiasco at the turn of the new year. Or if you have one with 30GB hard drive, you probably have experienced it yourself. Continue reading ‘What Happened to the Testing?’ »

Unity is the Future for VMs

I recently downloaded VMWare’s latest workstation product (VMWare Workstation 6.5) and set it up to run on my 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. Continue reading ‘Unity is the Future for VMs’ »

On Flex, ActionScript

I went through a week-long training class on Flex last week. Continue reading ‘On Flex, ActionScript’ »

Malware that Disguises as Antivirus Software

The techniques malware writers use nowadays are becoming more and more sophisticated. The last time I spotted a malware was almost two years ago. At that time, a page that I was visiting contained a JPEG image that was exploit by a zero-day vulnerability. Continue reading ‘Malware that Disguises as Antivirus Software’ »

Q9450 – The LINPACK Test

Earlier today, I decided to see how fast my quad-core PC really is in terms of the raw floating point performance measured by GFLOPS. Continue reading ‘Q9450 – The LINPACK Test’ »

Thoughts on Flash Device Reliability

The other day, my 512MB SD card died all of a sudden. A minute before it seized functioning, I was transferring a few files onto it. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on Flash Device Reliability’ »

Linux Only, Two Months Later

Since I built my new PC roughly two months ago, I have been running Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 64 bit) as my primary operating system, and I have not looked back. Continue reading ‘Linux Only, Two Months Later’ »

Technical Difference Between Q9450 And X3350

It has been almost two weeks since the speculated shipment dates for the Yorkfield 45nm processors. Continue reading ‘Technical Difference Between Q9450 And X3350’ »

Where Are the 45nm Quad Cores?

Last week, all the news source speculated the imminent launch of three 45nm Quad Core Processors from Intel. Continue reading ‘Where Are the 45nm Quad Cores?’ »

NTFS Partition Recovery With Linux

Over the years, I have formed the habit of keeping an up-to-date backup copy of all my critical data on a regular basis. Continue reading ‘NTFS Partition Recovery With Linux’ »

Thoughts on “Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?”

I recently ran across two very interesting articles (Computer Science Education: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?, Who Killed the Software Engineer? (Hint: It Happened in College)) discussing how the current university education has become inadequate in terms of producing highly qualified software engineers and developers. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on “Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?”’ »

Recent Email Scam

It seems that the desperate scammers have been really working hard devising different schemes trying to steal people’s identities. Continue reading ‘Recent Email Scam’ »