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Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit – The Analog Way

I have an old Keithley 1301 temperature probe. This probe is an accessory to the Keithley 130A/131 multimeter and is capable of measuring temperatures between -55°C to 150 °C. Since it outputs an analog voltage linearly proportional to the temperature (1mV/°C), it can be used with any multimeter that has a mV range. Continue reading ‘Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit – The Analog Way’ »

LM92 Library for Arduino

LM92 is a 12-bit + sign temperature sensor from Texas Instruments. This sensor operates on the I2C interface and can achieve an accuracy as high as ± 0.33 °C within the typical temperature measurement range. I created a comprehensive Arduino library for this sensor (the library can be downloaded towards the end) and in this post I will explain each of the functions in detail. Continue reading ‘LM92 Library for Arduino’ »

Arduino Library For LM95172 Temperature Sensor

LM95172 is a 13 to 16 bits wide temperature range automotive-grade temperature sensor in a ceramic SOIC package. Besides its wide range temperature measurements capability (-40 Celsius to 200 Celsius), it can also be programmed to trigger over-temperature/under-temperature alarms and perform one-shot temperature conversation for low power applications. Continue reading ‘Arduino Library For LM95172 Temperature Sensor’ »

Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor

I have built quite a few (1,2,3) temperature measurement circuits in the past, but none of those has remote sensing capability. So I decided to make a wireless temperature sensor so that temperature measurements can be made anywhere within the range of the transmitter and the receiver. Continue reading ‘Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor’ »

A Dual Temperature Display With Humidity Measurement

I built a digital thermometer a couple of weeks ago. This thermometer uses an LM19 sensor calibrated for measuring a wide temperature range (-55 – 130 Celsius, -67 – 266 Fahrenheit) for outdoor temperature measurement and an SHT21 digital thermometer with humidity measurement for indoor use. Continue reading ‘A Dual Temperature Display With Humidity Measurement’ »

Interfacing DS7505

The DS7505 digital thermometer and thermostat is a very versatile temperature sensor. It offers 9 to 12-bit digital temperature readings between -55 and +125 Celsius with an accuracy of 0.5 degree. It can be used with any MCUs that has I2C support or can be pre-programmed and used in standalone applications as digital thermostats. Continue reading ‘Interfacing DS7505’ »

Working With LM19 Temperature Sensor

LM19 is an analog temperature sensor that operates over a while temperature range (-55 to 130 Celsius). It is very easy to interface it with a microcontroller due to is fairly linear voltage output. Continue reading ‘Working With LM19 Temperature Sensor’ »