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Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor

I have built quite a few (1,2,3) temperature measurement circuits in the past, but none of those has remote sensing capability. So I decided to make a wireless temperature sensor so that temperature measurements can be made anywhere within the range of the transmitter and the receiver. Continue reading ‘Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor’ »

RF Link 2400bps Receiver Output Buffer

I recently dug up two sets of RF link transmitter/receiver modules from Sparkfun. I got these RF transmitters and receivers last year but have not had a chance to build anything with them yet. So I thought I would first wire up a simple transmitter/receiver to test their capabilities. Continue reading ‘RF Link 2400bps Receiver Output Buffer’ »

Building a Robotic Platform

I started this project a while ago. My intention was to adapt a toy remote controlled vehicle into a generic robotic platform, which would enable me to do some experiments with robotics. To make the platform more generic, I came up with the following requirements: Continue reading ‘Building a Robotic Platform’ »

RF Data Link Using Si4021 And Si4311

Among the many commercial ISM band RF transmitter and receiver ICs, I have found that Silicon LabsSi4021 (transmitter IC) and Si4311 (receiver IC) are surprisingly easy to work with. Only a few commonly available external components are needed to build a fully functional circuit. The integrated automatic antenna tunning circuit in Si4021 makes building transmitters an easy task. The Si4311 receiver IC is highly integrated, more so than many other ISM band RF ICs, and is quite tolerate to the variance of the required few external capacitors. No special tuning is required. Continue reading ‘RF Data Link Using Si4021 And Si4311’ »