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MCP2210 Library Reference

I have created a dedicated page for the MCP2210 library documentations. An link to the reference can also be found on the side navigation pane. The Doxygen generated project documentation can be viewed directly here. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library Reference’ »

MCP2210 Library — MCP3204 SPI ADC

During the past few weeks, I have shown many examples (see 1, 2, 3, 4) of using the open source MCP2210 Library with SPI devices under Linux. In this post, I will conclude this series with one more example: interfacing MCP3204 with MCP2210. With this example, I will have covered all the devices included on the evaluation board, which represents most of the scenarios you will run into. Other SPI devices can be controlled similarly using the methods illustrated in this series. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library — MCP3204 SPI ADC’ »

MCP2210 Library — SPI EEPROM

So far, I have shown examples of using the open source MCP2210 library with MCP2210 GPIO, MCP23S08 and TC77 temperature sensor. In this post, I will show an example of interfacing the chip with an SPI EEPROM using the library. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library — SPI EEPROM’ »

MCP2210 Library — SPI Example Using TC77

A couple of weeks ago, I showed an example of using the open source MCP2210 Library I created earlier to communicate with the MCP23S08 port expander under Linux. In this post, I will provide another example of using the library with the TC77 temperature sensor included on the MCP2210 evaluation board. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library — SPI Example Using TC77’ »

MCP2210 Library — SPI Example Using MCP23S08

I made a few minor tweaks to the open source MCP2210 library during the past few days, and had also updated the documentation. In my previous post, I illustrated how to manipulate the GPIO pins using this library and today I will show you an example of communicating with a MCP23S08 8 bit IO port expander using SPI. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library — SPI Example Using MCP23S08’ »

MCP2210 Library

After a couple of weeks’ coding and testing, I finally finished the initial version of the MCP2210 C++ library for Linux. This library utilizes functions from Signal 11‘s HID API (hidraw) to communicate over the USB HID interface. Continue reading ‘MCP2210 Library’ »

The Jaunty Jackalope

Without much fanfare, Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was released into the wild earlier today. But Ubuntu followers are wasting no time, overloading many of the official downloading sites. Continue reading ‘The Jaunty Jackalope’ »

The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream

It was almost one year ago when I switched my main home computer to Linux. Since then, I have been using my Ubuntu 8.04 installation daily and have not found the need to boot up Windows at all. Continue reading ‘The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream’ »