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A Simple Beowulf Cluster

As I mentioned previously, one of the reasons I built another quad-core PC was that I wanted to do some experiments with high performance computing. Even though the idea of a two-node mini cluster does not sound like much, the principle behind it is pretty similar to much larger and more powerful clusters. Continue reading ‘A Simple Beowulf Cluster’ »

Another Quad Core Build

I built a quad core machine about six months ago. The goal back then was to build a performance PC. Recently, I decided to build another PC so that I could have my mini-cluster. Continue reading ‘Another Quad Core Build’ »

Q9450 – The LINPACK Test

Earlier today, I decided to see how fast my quad-core PC really is in terms of the raw floating point performance measured by GFLOPS. Continue reading ‘Q9450 – The LINPACK Test’ »

Q9450 Initial OC Result

I have read speculations before its launch time that the new 45nm processors are going to be easy over clocking. So after I built the new machine, I decided to give it a try. Continue reading ‘Q9450 Initial OC Result’ »

Some Pictures of My New Rig

In yesterday’s post, I listed all the components I used in my new rig. Here are some of the pictures I took while building it: Continue reading ‘Some Pictures of My New Rig’ »

My Q9450 Arrived

My Q9450 finally arrived yesterday. Continue reading ‘My Q9450 Arrived’ »

Technical Difference Between Q9450 And X3350

It has been almost two weeks since the speculated shipment dates for the Yorkfield 45nm processors. Continue reading ‘Technical Difference Between Q9450 And X3350’ »

Where Are the 45nm Quad Cores?

Last week, all the news source speculated the imminent launch of three 45nm Quad Core Processors from Intel. Continue reading ‘Where Are the 45nm Quad Cores?’ »