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LaTeX Math Equations in WordPress

Getting LaTex style math equations to work in WordPress is actually pretty easy. I followed the advice here and everything seemed to work pretty well. Continue reading ‘LaTeX Math Equations in WordPress’ »

Changing SyntaxHighlighter Font Size

After I upgraded to the latest SyntaxHighliger (2.0.296) I noticed that the font size of the code section is a little bit too small to my taste. But there is not an UI option to change it. Continue reading ‘Changing SyntaxHighlighter Font Size’ »

Blog Theme Updated

I had been using a modified version of Kaushal Sheth‘s (it seems that his web site is currently being redesigned.) Indigo for a couple of years and really enjoyed the theme’s clean design. Continue reading ‘Blog Theme Updated’ »

Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step

I wrote a tutorial on how to setup WordPress on Ubuntu Server back in 2007. While the setup steps have largely remained the same from version 6.10 to 8.04 (both are long term support LTS versions), I decided to create an other guide focusing on the setup processes with Ubuntu Server 8.04. Continue reading ‘Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step’ »

Simple WordPress Standby Server

I mentioned in one previous post on how to do a physical to VM backup using simple Linux command. The method works pretty well as long as the kernel versions are kept in sync. Continue reading ‘Simple WordPress Standby Server’ »

Site Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5

Upgrading WordPress to the latest version is surprisingly easy following these instructions. Continue reading ‘Site Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5’ »

CopySourceAsHtml Works Great With WordPress

When I was using dasBlog as my blogging engine, copying code snippet into blog posts seemed to be almost as easy as copy and paste. Continue reading ‘CopySourceAsHtml Works Great With WordPress’ »

Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server

Update: Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step

I switched my hosting environment from dasBlog + IIS on Windows to WordPress + LAMP on Linux a few days ago and everything seemed to have gone pretty smoothly so far. Continue reading ‘Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server’ »

Hello WordPress

When I first started using dasBlog as my blog engine a couple years ago, my thoughts were that since it was open source and was written in .Net I could do some customization work if I wanted to. Continue reading ‘Hello WordPress’ »