I had been using a modified version of Kaushal Sheth‘s (it seems that his web site is currently being redesigned.) Indigo for a couple of years and really enjoyed the theme’s clean design. Unfortunately, I had ran into a few plugin-compatibility issues which could not be easily resolved without having to change significant portion of the layout CSS. This theme seems to be incompatible with WordPress widgets and some plugins. Particularly, it seems that it was incompatible with the SyntaxHighlighter plugin. Since a lot of my blogging is programming related, I found it quite time consuming to properly format the code (till this point, I had been using code editors that are capable of generating HTML) without using a proper built-in syntax highlighter.

So during the weekend, I decided to switch my blog to a different theme that is more compatible with the latest WordPress. I searched around on the WordPress site and found this theme (Fluid Blue by srinig), which is quite easy to work with. I tweaked the CSS a little bit so that it would look pretty close to the theme I used before. Of course, the benefit is that I can use the SyntaxHighligher plugin and other Widgets now.

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