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Simple WordPress Standby Server

I mentioned in one previous post on how to do a physical to VM backup using simple Linux command. The method works pretty well as long as the kernel versions are kept in sync. Continue reading ‘Simple WordPress Standby Server’ »

Windows 7 Unresponsive Under VMWare After Idle

I installed Windows 7 Beta (64 bit) under VMWare 6.5.1 (Linux version) a couple of weeks ago, and my main objective was to compare its user interface and functionality with that of Windows Vista. Continue reading ‘Windows 7 Unresponsive Under VMWare After Idle’ »

Windows 7, An Updated Vista?

I just downloaded Microsoft’s latest OS beta — Windows 7 64bit, which was released to the general public two days ago. Continue reading ‘Windows 7, An Updated Vista?’ »

Unity is the Future for VMs

I recently downloaded VMWare’s latest workstation product (VMWare Workstation 6.5) and set it up to run on my 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. Continue reading ‘Unity is the Future for VMs’ »

A Physical to VM Backup Strategy for Ubuntu Server

One benefit of using a Linux environment is that the whole system back up is extremely easy. Continue reading ‘A Physical to VM Backup Strategy for Ubuntu Server’ »

Windows Vista RC1 installation on VMWare

Since the 5384 build of Vista came out, I have been playing around with it and checking out some new features. Continue reading ‘Windows Vista RC1 installation on VMWare’ »

Problems with 2Wire Gateway When Running VMWare

As I mentioned in my previous post, my service provider replaced my old DSL router (2Wire HomePortal 1000SW) with a new one (2Wire 1701HG Gateway). In theory these two DSL routers are almost identical (the new one has more Ethernet ports so more devices can be connected directly without using a switch), and I should not be expecting any problems… Continue reading ‘Problems with 2Wire Gateway When Running VMWare’ »