I installed Windows 7 Beta (64 bit) under VMWare 6.5.1 (Linux version) a couple of weeks ago, and my main objective was to compare its user interface and functionality with that of Windows Vista.

While the user interface is quite responsive for the most of the part, I did encounter some rather strange behavior. If I let the Windows 7 desktop idle for ten to fifteen minutes then it became rather unresponsive (e.g. cursor seemed to be frozen and menus do not respond to mouse clicks). At first I thought that the system must have locked up. But it seemed that this "frozen" state last for only around 20 seconds and afterwards everything would be back to normal. This behavior is repeatable under VMWare 6.5.1 (since I have not installed it onto a physical machine, I do not know whether this issue is particular to the Linux version of VMWare that I am using. But this behavior does not appear in Windows Vista running in VM.

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