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Event Logging Using Reflection

When exceptions occur during the execution of an application, the stack trace contains the detailed location of where the exception is originated. Continue reading ‘Event Logging Using Reflection’ »

Reflection and Case Sensitivity

Reflection is case sensitive by default, which comes at no surprise to most C# developers. Continue reading ‘Reflection and Case Sensitivity’ »

Dynamic Event Handling Using Reflection


In an article earlier, I discussed how to dynamically load an assembly and execute it via the contract of a predefined interface. Continue reading ‘Dynamic Event Handling Using Reflection’ »

Yet Another Guide to Dynamic Assembly loading and Execution Using Reflection


There are already many good guides out there illustrating how to construct a weakly coupled system that dynamically loads in modules as needed. In .Net, this can be accomplished using reflection. Continue reading ‘Yet Another Guide to Dynamic Assembly loading and Execution Using Reflection’ »

Populating Object from Text Files via Reflection


In .Net, an XML file or even a CSV file can easily be mapped to an object using proper attributes. Using the reflected object type, such XML or CSV files can easily be deserialized into the corresponding object. Continue reading ‘Populating Object from Text Files via Reflection’ »

Remote Code Execution via Reflection


In .Net, distributed computing can be done in a number of ways. Continue reading ‘Remote Code Execution via Reflection’ »

XML Serialization Surprise in VS 2005

In a post last year, I wrote about the pitfalls when generating classes using the xsd tool in .Net framework 1.1. Continue reading ‘XML Serialization Surprise in VS 2005’ »