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Teardown of a Cel-Fi Go X Cell Signal Booster

In the area where I live, the cell phone reception is spotty at the best. Even though I am only a couple of miles from a nearest tower, I barely get any cell signal at all let along usable 4G coverage. Since nowadays everyone is working from home, I thought it would be a good investment for a cell signal booster so that in the event I loose my network connection I can continue working tethered to my phone.

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Teardown of a GM3120 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

There are a lot of cheap electromagnetic radiation testers out there which boast some quite impressive claims. So I decided to pick up a popular one (GM3120) from eBay to see how well it works. And perhaps more importantly, I wanted to take a look inside to see how the E field and H field sensing is done. Continue reading ‘Teardown of a GM3120 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester’ »

A Quick Look at the M5Stack ESP32 Development Kit

I recently received an M5Stack ESP32 development kit from Banggood. Although I have not used any ESP32 based development boards before, I have heard many good things about the ESP32 platform, especially for its rich feature set and versatile connectivity. After all, it was designed to have IoT applications in mind. So I was pretty excited to take it for a spin. Continue reading ‘A Quick Look at the M5Stack ESP32 Development Kit’ »

Teardown and Testing of an 800W PureSine Inverter

The last ingredient for my backup power project is an inverter. Since the battery bank I built is a 12V 1.5kWh one, an inverter that can handle a load between 500W and 1000W would be a suitable choice. In theory, all the lights and the refrigerator in my house consume just around 500W. So the 1.5kWh battery bank should be able to power all the essentials for at least a couple of hours in the event of a power failure. Continue reading ‘Teardown and Testing of an 800W PureSine Inverter’ »

BSide ACM03 Plus Clamp Meter Review and Teardown

I recently purchased a BSide ACM03 Plus clamp meter so that I could do some high current measurements for my tab welder project. This meter can be bought on eBay for around $25, which makes it one of the cheapest Hall effect clamp meters on the market that is capable of measuring both AC and DC current. Continue reading ‘BSide ACM03 Plus Clamp Meter Review and Teardown’ »

Quick Review of the ennoLogic eM860T True RMS Multimeter

I picked up an autoranging True RMS multimeter from ennoLogic a couple of weeks ago. Before this purchase, I actually had never heard of ennoLogic. But the design and spec of the meter looked quite good and the selling price was not bad for a 6000 count meter at all. So I bought one to try out. Continue reading ‘Quick Review of the ennoLogic eM860T True RMS Multimeter’ »

Exploring the Battery Option of the EDC/Krohn-Hite MV216A DC Voltage Standard

In my previous blog post, I did a teardown of the EDC/Krohn-Hite MV216A DC voltage standard and measured the temperature coefficient of its reference Zener diode. And as I promised, this time I will explore its internal and external battery options. Continue reading ‘Exploring the Battery Option of the EDC/Krohn-Hite MV216A DC Voltage Standard’ »

HP 5350B Microwave Counter Teardown

Here is a teardown you do not see very often. I recently bought an HP 5350B 20 GHz microwave counter off eBay. HP 5350B uses harmonic heterodyne down-conversion technique to convert the microwave frequency into the range of its internal low frequency counter. It can measure frequencies from 10 Hz all the way up to 20 GHz via two separate inputs. Continue reading ‘HP 5350B Microwave Counter Teardown’ »

BK 4011 Function Generator Teardown

I got a used BK Precision 4011 5MHz function generator recently. The 4011 model is rather old and this particular unit was manufactured back in 1996. But BK precision still makes a similar model (4011A) which is identical to the older 4011 spec-wise except for the inclusion of an additional INV button for inverting the output waveform. Continue reading ‘BK 4011 Function Generator Teardown’ »

Topward 6603A Linear Power Supply Teardown

I bought a used Topward 6603A lab power supply from eBay a couple of weeks ago and thought I would do a quick review and teardown and perform some basic measurements to see how well it was built. Continue reading ‘Topward 6603A Linear Power Supply Teardown’ »

Prototyping With Schmartboard Arduino Shield Board

Neal at Schmartboard sent me a 0.65mm pitch Arduino prototyping shield kit a few weeks ago. I had meant to do a review right away, but then thought it would probably be even better if I built a real project with this board to see how well it worked first before sharing my experience with you. Continue reading ‘Prototyping With Schmartboard Arduino Shield Board’ »

MaxiScan MS300 ODB II Reader Teardown

I bought an ODB II code reader to diagnose a check engine light problem of my car. The reader I got was an Autel MaxiScan MS300. This particular model is very popular as it is rather inexpensive, coming in at just around $20. Out of curiosity, I decided to open it up and take a look of what is inside. Continue reading ‘MaxiScan MS300 ODB II Reader Teardown’ »

Inoperative By Design

I recently bought two cheap webcams on Amazon and was planning to do some experiments with a dual webcam configuration. These cameras got pretty decent reviews and cost only a few dollars a piece, so I thought what could go wrong with these anyway? Continue reading ‘Inoperative By Design’ »

SchmartBoard — First Impressions

For a lot of electronics enthusiasts and DIYers, hand-soldering SMT components can be a great challenge. And given the trend of component miniaturization, a lot of ICs no longer come with DIP packaging. Soldering such small components by hand without proper equipment (e.g. SMD hot air rework station) can be extremely difficult for beginners. The folks at SchmartBoard were kind enough to send me a few of their SMT prototyping boards to play with. So I decided to try them out to see how their proto-boards stack up with some of the alternatives on the market. Continue reading ‘SchmartBoard — First Impressions’ »

X-TRONIC 4040 Hot Air Rework/Soldering Station – II

Last time I did a pretty thorough review of the X-TRONIC 4040 hot air rework/soldering station and shared my own experience with it. Overall, it is a very good entry level rework station. I have been using it intensely for the last week or so and it is holding up extremely well. Now let us take look at what is inside. Continue reading ‘X-TRONIC 4040 Hot Air Rework/Soldering Station – II’ »