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My Take On BK 2709B Multimeter

I recently bought a new digital multimeter (BK 2709B) and after a couple of months’ use, I am quite satisfied with its features and performance. So I thought I would do a quick review and share my experience here. Continue reading ‘My Take On BK 2709B Multimeter’ »

Arduino Robotics – A Short Review

Apress was kind enough to send me a copy of their recently released book “Arduino Robotics” a few weeks ago (ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3183-7, 628 Pages. Publication Date: July 18, 2011). So I thought I would read through and do a quick review on it. Continue reading ‘Arduino Robotics – A Short Review’ »

My New DS1052E Oscilloscope

I used to own an all-transistor, single channel 10 MHz analog oscilloscope. While it was not adequate by nowadays standard, it served me quite well for many years. The scope was later sold and I had been thinking about getting a new oscilloscope for quite a while. This time around though, I wanted to get a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) since in many cases, it is a lot more convenient to use. After reading about some rave reviews on Dave Jone’s EEVBlog about this Rigol DS1052E scope, it became apparent that this would be the ideal scope for my workshop. So without much hesitation, I ordered one. Continue reading ‘My New DS1052E Oscilloscope’ »

iWay 350c – A Decent Portable GPS

I got an iWay 350c portable GPS a little more than a month ago. Continue reading ‘iWay 350c – A Decent Portable GPS’ »