When I first started using dasBlog as my blog engine a couple years ago, my thoughts were that since it was open source and was written in .Net I could do some customization work if I wanted to.

One of my original goals was to gradually move all my contents to a Linux based server and to engage more in the open source world. But I soon realized that as long as I was using dasBlog, this goal was hard to achieve. Many of the dasBlog DLL’s were architecturally done with only Windows in mind. There are heavy dependencies on Windows Registry and other Windows-Only services, and it is very difficult to rewrite all the parts that dasBlog heavily relies on. Moving dasBlog to Mono seemed to be a daunting task. Also, the performance of dasBlog seemed to have suffered from its XML based storage strategy, especially for blogs that contain multiple year worth of posts.

I have known WordPress for quite some time now. In fact, I played with it many years ago, long before I started my own website. After my high hopes for dasBlog faded, WordPress became a natural choice. It was written in PHP and runs on Linux. It uses MySQL as its backend storage. And of course, I can still write .Net code and run it with Mono.

So, after a couple of week’s conversion work, my new blog powered by WordPress is finally here.

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