Last week, all the news source speculated the imminent launch of three 45nm Quad Core Processors from Intel. And the updates to Wikipedia articles (1,2) and Intel’s own quad core where to buy page had also confirmed this.

Despite the reports however, it seems that the new Q9300, Q9450 and Q9550 are nowhere to be found. Typically, one would guess that the release of any new products, especially the new quad cores, would be covered with much fanfare. But this time, it seems a bit odd that there was nothing in the news at all.

Only a handful of the sites list these processors. The big ones like NewEgg hasn’t shown any yet (NewEgg did drop the price of the current quad on 3/16, which might suggest that they had already got the shipment from Intel). But most of them list them as back ordered and even the ones listed on Intel’s official site do not seem to have these processors in stock. And the listed prices were way above the $316 mark.

I have been waiting for the arrival of these 45nm quad cores (I am thinking of getting a Q9450) for a while, and I might have to wait a few more weeks before it becomes broadly available.

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