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Back Online Again

Apparently, yesterday’s storm knocked out my DSL router. Continue reading ‘Back Online Again’ »

Thread Safety Made Easier Under Visual Studio 2005

Most of us know that controls in Windows forms are bound to a specific thread and are not thread safe, and thus UI controls created or referenced on non-UI thread must be marshaled back to the UI thread by using one of the Invoke methods. Continue reading ‘Thread Safety Made Easier Under Visual Studio 2005’ »

How Much Energy do We Use Driving?

Everyone knows that we are so dependent on cars nowadays and everyone knows that we use a lot of energy driving, just to get ourselves around. But exactly how much energy are we talking about here? Here is my simple calculation. Continue reading ‘How Much Energy do We Use Driving?’ »

It’s Been a Year

So, this site has been running for a year now… Continue reading ‘It’s Been a Year’ »

Idle Process Time Under VMWare Workstation

Processes running within a virtual machine should behave almost identically to that running on the host. Continue reading ‘Idle Process Time Under VMWare Workstation’ »

How to Learn a New Computer Language?

In one of my previous posts , I mentioned that which computer languages you know and use now might be irrelevant a few years down the road and what makes a good software developer is the ability to apply the principals in computer science into practice. Continue reading ‘How to Learn a New Computer Language?’ »

Watch Out for Number Conversion Errors

Converting from floating point numbers (e.g. double, single) to integers can be tricky. Continue reading ‘Watch Out for Number Conversion Errors’ »