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Right Click Freezes Explorer Process

About a few months ago, I got a new desktop computer. Continue reading ‘Right Click Freezes Explorer Process’ »

Remote Code Execution via Reflection


In .Net, distributed computing can be done in a number of ways. Continue reading ‘Remote Code Execution via Reflection’ »

Will I Switch to Vista?

Microsoft’s new Operating System Windows Vista has been out for a few months now. Continue reading ‘Will I Switch to Vista?’ »

Simple is Beautiful

A recent post by independent blogger Richard Stiennon on ZDNet on the system calls involved when viewing a simple html page has generated much heated debate over which operating system is more secure (Windows vs. Linux). Continue reading ‘Simple is Beautiful’ »

What Are My Favorite Sites Running On?

I have read from many sources that the majority of the websites are running on Linux and UNIX like operating systems. Continue reading ‘What Are My Favorite Sites Running On?’ »