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My Recent Experience with My ISP

After more than 2 weeks’ struggle, I finally got my internet connection working at my house. Continue reading ‘My Recent Experience with My ISP’ »

Dynamic Event Handling Using Reflection


In an article earlier, I discussed how to dynamically load an assembly and execute it via the contract of a predefined interface. Continue reading ‘Dynamic Event Handling Using Reflection’ »

Generic Custom Configuration Handler in .Net

Sometimes we find App.config inadequate in addressing our problems and need to have a generic solution in creating strongly typed configuration files. Continue reading ‘Generic Custom Configuration Handler in .Net’ »

Partial Class Differences Between C# and VB.Net

Partial class was introduced in .Net 2.0 mainly for better handling of visual designer generated code. Continue reading ‘Partial Class Differences Between C# and VB.Net’ »

A Generic File Watcher


In business world, file watchers play an important role in day to day operations. Continue reading ‘A Generic File Watcher’ »