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Event Logging Using Reflection

When exceptions occur during the execution of an application, the stack trace contains the detailed location of where the exception is originated. Continue reading ‘Event Logging Using Reflection’ »

Could not Find File ‘Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime’ Error

I ran into this weird compile time error the other day, and as it turned out, this is due to the limitation of Visual Studio 2005 deployment capabilities.  Continue reading ‘Could not Find File ‘Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime’ Error’ »

TBB Benchmarks

Since I started using Ubuntu 8.04 as my main operating system, I have been trying to obtain some benchmark information for my month-old new build. Continue reading ‘TBB Benchmarks’ »

Unexpected Event Behavior

Typically, there is rarely a need to change a control’s ID. However, this practice is sometimes useful when debugging a custom control, partiularly one that contains dynamically generated controls. Continue reading ‘Unexpected Event Behavior’ »