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A Simple Thread Barrier Implementation

Sometimes a group of concurrently running threads may need to rendezvous at a certain point in time before they can further proceed. This situation commonly arises in areas like event simulation, where the events are synchronized via a clock event (see illustration below): Continue reading ‘A Simple Thread Barrier Implementation’ »

A Simple Program for Finding Palindromic Prime Numbers

A palindromic prime (palprime) is a prime number that is also palindromic. So out of curiosity I wrote a simple program a few days ago that can find the palindromic numbers within a given range. Here is the code in C++: Continue reading ‘A Simple Program for Finding Palindromic Prime Numbers’ »

CFL Capacitor Problem

Many of you may still remember the capacitor plague that caused massive motherboard failures back in the early 2000s. While the practice of using cheap and unreliable electrolytic capacitors in computer components has largely died down nowadays, it seems that the issue has cropped up elsewhere. Continue reading ‘CFL Capacitor Problem’ »

Weekend Ubuntu Upgrade

Karmic Koala was released into the wild last Thursday, so naturally I was going to upgrade my desktop installations at home. In this past I had been doing fresh installs whenever there was a new release, since there might be some issues with the new Ext4 file system, I decided to upgrade my current 9.04 installation in place and perform a fresh installation when the Ext4 file system stabilizes. Continue reading ‘Weekend Ubuntu Upgrade’ »