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Teardown of a Tektronix 2465

Today at a time when digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO) are almost ubiquitous, analog scopes like Tektronix 2465 remain popular among many electronics hobbyists, especially among amateur radio operators who routinely work with high frequency circuits. I got my 2465 from ValueTronics. For those who haven’t heard about them, I would recommend you check them out as they have a large selection of used test equipment at reasonable prices. Continue reading ‘Teardown of a Tektronix 2465’ »

Keithley 706 RTC Upgrade – How to Make Any Clock More Accurate

The builtin real-time clock (RTC) in my Keithley 706 works rather nicely as a clock in my lab when the scanner is not in use. The 7-segment displays are big and clear and they are two dedicated displays for the seconds which comes in quite handy. However the main drawback of this auxiliary clock functionality is that, well, it is not very accurate. It is rather annoying when I need to adjust the clock every couple of days to make sure it remains correct. Continue reading ‘Keithley 706 RTC Upgrade – How to Make Any Clock More Accurate’ »