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A Funny Outlook Reminder

I am still not sure what I did, but this was the reminder I got the other day at work… Continue reading ‘A Funny Outlook Reminder’ »

Reminders Via Text Messaging

A couple of weeks ago, during a company event, I saw a demonstration of integrating weather service data with text messaging using Java. Continue reading ‘Reminders Via Text Messaging’ »

Javascript Popup Window Problem in ASP.Net 2.0

Recently, I found an interesting problem when using server controls (e.g. asp:button) to launch javascript popup windows. Continue reading ‘Javascript Popup Window Problem in ASP.Net 2.0’ »

Be Careful When Using Enums in Web Services

We know that when enumeration type is used in web services, the string name of the enumeration value is used but not the underlying integer. Continue reading ‘Be Careful When Using Enums in Web Services’ »

ACID2 Tests With Three Browsers

Apparently, Konqueror 3.5.1 is also ACID2 compliant. Continue reading ‘ACID2 Tests With Three Browsers’ »

XML Serialization Surprise in VS 2005

In a post last year, I wrote about the pitfalls when generating classes using the xsd tool in .Net framework 1.1. Continue reading ‘XML Serialization Surprise in VS 2005’ »

A Page for Displaying HttpRequest Information

When developing web related projects, I often found the need to inspect the HttpRequest object to see its properties. Continue reading ‘A Page for Displaying HttpRequest Information’ »