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Browser Statistics

Having recently read an article on the current overall browser statistics, I decided to comb through my server log to find out what the statistics look like on my site. Continue reading ‘Browser Statistics’ »

Firefox Upgrade Problem for Non-Admin Users

It seems that the Firefox updater has some glitches updating the software when less-privileged users and Admin users are concurrently accessing it via terminal services. Continue reading ‘Firefox Upgrade Problem for Non-Admin Users’ »

ACID2 Tests With Three Browsers

Apparently, Konqueror 3.5.1 is also ACID2 compliant. Continue reading ‘ACID2 Tests With Three Browsers’ »

Supporting FireFox in ASP.Net

Browser compatibility is a huge issue for commercial websites, but for a personal website like this, it really is not all that critical. Continue reading ‘Supporting FireFox in ASP.Net’ »