Browser Statistics

Having recently read an article on the current overall browser statistics, I decided to comb through my server log to find out what the statistics look like on my site.

And here are the results calculated from the last 2 million hits:

  • Firefox: 35.5%
  • Internet Explorer: 24.0%
  • Safari: 18.2 %
  • Chrome: 15.8 %
  • Opera: 4.9%
  • Other: 1.6%
Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics

The results are somewhat expected. While on average IE remains the leading web browser in the world, its usage had dropped well below 50% in recent months. And on most technical website, Firefox and Chrome have become the new leaders.

The reason for this is quite simple: average users typically would use whatever installed as default on their PC. So as long as Microsoft’s monopoly in the desktop OS arena continues, IE will maintain its share among the general public. But among tech savvy people, IE usages has been in steady decline for quite some time and will likely continue to decline for the foreseeable future.

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