2Wire Gateway “Router behind Router” Problem Update

About half a year ago, I mentioned that I had some problems of running VMWare while using 1701HG Gateway. Recently, out of curiosity, I asked the 2wire technical support group for their opinion. And here is the response I got:

You can turn off the router on router detection from the management and diagnostic console of your gateway. To get to the MDC: http://gateway.2wire.net/mdc http://home/mdc http://homeportal/mdc Once there, go to Local Network, Configure, the last option will allow you to turn off Router on Router detection.

Well, the proposed work-around did not solve the particular problem of running VMWare host OS’s in bridged networked mode (my router detection option is already off), but it does work if you have a physical router attached to the 1701HG Gateway.

But I thought that the information 2Wire’s customer service gave might be helpful for those advanced users, because the MDC gives tons of options that you can use to tweak your 2wire gateway. One option particularly worth noting is the ability to change your up stream speed. I guess that your DSL provider might have some limitations on how much you can modify this setting. According to my own tests though, it does work.

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  1. joe says:

    No mine is capped and i cannot increase it at all

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