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Parsing MMddyyyy or ddMMyyyy Date Format

Today I was discussing how to convert date strings MMddyyyy (e.g. 03282007) or ddMMyyyy (e.g. 28032007) back to DateTime object. Continue reading ‘Parsing MMddyyyy or ddMMyyyy Date Format’ »

RSS Feeds Up Again

One of my co-workers pointed out that none of the feeds on my website was working. When accessed, a 500 error (Internal server error) would occur. Continue reading ‘RSS Feeds Up Again’ »

ToString() and Error Logging

In production environment, it is not always possible to step through the compiled code using a debugger and thus we rely on error logs to provide insights into the potential causes of bugs. Continue reading ‘ToString() and Error Logging’ »

Sporadic Server Reboots – UPS Service Glitch

Recently, my web server has been down sporadically for no apparent reason. Continue reading ‘Sporadic Server Reboots – UPS Service Glitch’ »

Command Prompt Reentrancy Issue

In yesterday’s post, I gave an example of how simple command prompt recursion can bring Windows (XP and Vista) down to its knees. Continue reading ‘Command Prompt Reentrancy Issue’ »

On Windows and Linux Process Scheduling

Today, both Windows and Linux systems are robust and secure enough for daily uses. Continue reading ‘On Windows and Linux Process Scheduling’ »

Understanding “Error MSB6006” in MSBuild

A couple of days ago, I ran into a mysterious problem when trying to build a web project using MSBuild. Continue reading ‘Understanding “Error MSB6006” in MSBuild’ »