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My Take on Intel Core 2 Errata

A few days ago, a post by Theo de Raadt analyzed the newly publicized Intel Core 2 bugs. And in just a couple of days quite a few different opinions (see, and emerged. In this post, I will try to analyze from my point of view. Continue reading ‘My Take on Intel Core 2 Errata’ »

Redirecting StandardOutput

Sometimes it is necessary for a main program to invoke other executables during runtime. Continue reading ‘Redirecting StandardOutput’ »

Populating Object from Text Files via Reflection


In .Net, an XML file or even a CSV file can easily be mapped to an object using proper attributes. Using the reflected object type, such XML or CSV files can easily be deserialized into the corresponding object. Continue reading ‘Populating Object from Text Files via Reflection’ »

File.Exists and UNC

If you have used System.IO.File.Exists in ASP.Net, you probably have found out that unless the account under which ASP.Net is running (e.g. ASPNET for Windows XP and IIS_WPG for Windows 2003 Server, etc) has access to a networked location (either a unc or a mapped drive, File.Exists will always return a false no matter whether the file actually exists in the location queried or not. This behavior has caused a lot of headaches for Web developers. Continue reading ‘File.Exists and UNC’ »

FreeBSD Ports Upgrade Nightmare

I have a FreeBSD 6.2 box at home mainly for developing some UNIX/Linux based applications. Continue reading ‘FreeBSD Ports Upgrade Nightmare’ »