On “Ongoing Dialog With Dell”

In a post earlier this year, I wrote about how DELL uses inaccurate and even false technical data in its marketing material in order to attract consumer’s attention to a particular group of products it was offering. I also filed an FTC complaint (Ref No. 9835215) regarding to the problem on how DELL claims the screen sizes are measured for both CRT and LCD screens. A DELL representative actually contacted me after seeing my posting and insisted that their screen size measurement is following the well established industry standards.

But sadly, the problem did not get enough attention as it should and the same misleading information is still on DELL’s website. Today, I ran across an article on ZDNet. Apparently the author had similar experience.

I sincerely hope that this brings enough attention so that the voices of end consumers can be heard and those who do not have the technical background to judge the accuracy of the information provided on DELL’s website would not be further deceived.

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