Microsoft Automatic Updates Behaving Weird?

I usually do not have any problem with Microsoft Automatic Updates. And generally speaking, besides the constant need of a reboot and the occasional annoyance of the pop up reminder that a reboot is needed it is a rather painless process.

Something seemed to be strange when the yellow shield in the system tray reminded me that I needed to install the update yesterday. I kind of ignored it since I was doing something rather important at that time and did not want to be interrupted. So today when I logged in, I clicked on the yellow icon and chose to install the update.

It seemed that things were not quite the same this time, the dialog showed:

Initializing installation… done!

Installing Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (KB937061) (update 1 of 1)…

But the progress bar remained at 0 percent for at least five minutes and then the installation completed dialog was shown, and out of the ordinary no reboot was required.

Seconds later after the update was “installed”, the yellow icon demanding attention appeared in the system tray again! Well there might be multiple updates? I thought myself. So I went ahead and clicked to install the update. Wait, it was the same update as before! And again no reboot was required.

It seems that something had gone wrong and this automatic update had entered an endless loop. I tried a few more times and each time I ended up in the exact same situation. I am not sure what else I needed to try, may be I should wait for the next Windows update to come?




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