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Enable/Disable Controls using ControlCollection

In a role based application, it is often required that certain controls on the UI form be enabled and disabled based on user’s security credentials. Continue reading ‘Enable/Disable Controls using ControlCollection’ »

JScript Exception in AJAX Control Toolkit

I ran across an exception "Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘this._postBackSettings.async’ is null or not an object" the other day while writing some AJAX code with .Net AJAX Extensions for .Net framework 2.0. Continue reading ‘JScript Exception in AJAX Control Toolkit’ »

Recent Email Scam

It seems that the desperate scammers have been really working hard devising different schemes trying to steal people’s identities. Continue reading ‘Recent Email Scam’ »

The Elusive File.Copy

A while ago, I discussed some interesting behavior of File.Exist function in .Net. Recently I found out that File.Copy is just as elusive when UNC is involved. Continue reading ‘The Elusive File.Copy’ »