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The severe thunderstorm last night knocked out power, and the UPS did not hold long enough before the power was restored. So early this morning, when the power did come back I had to power on my web server. Continue reading ‘Uptime’ »

More WGA Woes

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program has been around since Windows XP, and I am sure that even if you have not personally experienced the pain caused by WGA you must have heard some of the horror stories. Continue reading ‘More WGA Woes’ »

Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development

Qt is a cross-platform object oriented C++ framework for application development. Continue reading ‘Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development’ »

Q9450 – The LINPACK Test

Earlier today, I decided to see how fast my quad-core PC really is in terms of the raw floating point performance measured by GFLOPS. Continue reading ‘Q9450 – The LINPACK Test’ »