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C++ IDEs Under Linux

So far I have been mainly using KDevelop and Code::Blocks as my C++ development IDEs. Recently, I started using NetBeans IDE for C++ and I started to like it quite a bit. Continue reading ‘C++ IDEs Under Linux’ »

How to Revert to a Specific SVN Version of Code::Blocks

I had set up my apt-get source to use latest SVN build of Code::Blocks. Everything has been running pretty smoothly until a couple of days ago when Code::Blocks was updated to SVN 5534. Continue reading ‘How to Revert to a Specific SVN Version of Code::Blocks’ »

Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development

Qt is a cross-platform object oriented C++ framework for application development. Continue reading ‘Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development’ »

Develop TBB Using KDevelop and Code::Blocks

I have been playing around with Intel’s open source TBB (Threading Building Block) recently. Continue reading ‘Develop TBB Using KDevelop and Code::Blocks’ »