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A Fun Week

My old Dell Dimension 4100 (Pentium III, 1GHz, 512MB) has been running faithfully for around eight years now. And after I switched my blog engine from dasBlog to WordPress, I have been using it as my web server. Continue reading ‘A Fun Week’ »

TIFF Merge/Split Utility EncoderValue

A While ago, I created a TIFF Merge and Split Utility that can be used to merge multiple TIFF files into a single file or split a multi-frame TIFF file into multiple single-frame TIFF files. Continue reading ‘TIFF Merge/Split Utility EncoderValue’ »

TBB Mandelbrot Set

In an earlier post, I created a simple prime finding program using Intel’s TBB (Thread Building Block). The main benefit of using TBB is that threading and thread synchronization mechanism are abstracted away within the TBB library so we do not need to deal with threads explicitly. Also, TBB is optimized for performance and scales nicely as the number of processing unit increases. Continue reading ‘TBB Mandelbrot Set’ »

An Obscure System.Web.Mail Error Message

Today I encountered a rather obscure error while maintaining some old ASP.Net code (Framework 1.1). Continue reading ‘An Obscure System.Web.Mail Error Message’ »

Server Upgraded to Ubuntu Server 8.04.1

During the weekend, I decided to upgrade the server running my blog from Ubuntu Server 7.04 to 8.04 since version 8.04 is an LTS and is supported through 2013. Continue reading ‘Server Upgraded to Ubuntu Server 8.04.1’ »

Producer-Consumer: A Duplicate File Finder

Processes tend to benefit greatly from multi-core processors if they are CPU bound (i.e. computational intensive tasks). The actual speedup depends on the portion of the code that must remain sequential. Continue reading ‘Producer-Consumer: A Duplicate File Finder’ »