My old Dell Dimension 4100 (Pentium III, 1GHz, 512MB) has been running faithfully for around eight years now. And after I switched my blog engine from dasBlog to WordPress, I have been using it as my web server. After running almost 24/7 for eight years, everything has been holding up pretty well. Except that the fan becomes so loud that it can be heard in the adjacent room. So, I decided to replace the fan.

Here is what the fan looks like after 8 years of use:

Dusty Fan

And here is what looks like inside the power supply:

Power Supply

Luckily the Dell Dimension series use standard 80mm fans and replacement fans cost as little as $2. After changing both fans, and a little cleaning my server is as quiet as when it was new.

I finally got WOL (wake on LAN) to work on my P5E quad-core PC, thanks to this post here! As it turned out, I had to set the WOL capability every single time after reboot (that’s why the automatic script in /etc/init.d comes handy) for WOL to work.

It certainly has been a fun week.

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