A While ago, I created a TIFF Merge and Split Utility that can be used to merge multiple TIFF files into a single file or split a multi-frame TIFF file into multiple single-frame TIFF files. A few people had run into some issues (e.g. "Parameter is not valid." exception) using the utility. After some investigation, it turned out that the cause seemed to be related to the EncoderValue I used (CompressionCCITT4). Apparently, it does not work on all computers.

To get around this issue, you will need to change the ENCODING_SCHEME (in MSUtil.cs, line 49) to


The draw back is that the compression ratio of this compression scheme is pretty poor and the merged TIFF file is significantly larger.


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3 Thoughts on “TIFF Merge/Split Utility EncoderValue”

  • Kerry, thanks for posting this code. I am developing a project at work where one of the tasks is to take front and back images of a TIF and merge them into one image. I was able to take your code and, in half an hour, have a functioning proof-of-concept which might otherwise have taken me days to research and develop. You sure make me look good! :)

    Also happy to see you fiddling around with the Mandelbrot set – one of my favorite pastimes. In my spare time I’m going to pull down your code and study it at my leisure.

    Again, thanks for your timely and relevant posting!


  • I downloaded your converter doesn’t run. I just saw that this might be due to the encodevalue. I can’t seem to find encodervalue, if you still have the code, is it possible for you to provide the updated dll?

    Thanks a bunch

  • Thanks for the code very informative i was so eagerly searching all possilble ways to get knowledge of it..
    Once again thanks

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