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Site Up Again

This afternoon I began to receive "Error establishing a database connection" error from my site. And when trying to login via ssh, the server hangs after the password is entered. Continue reading ‘Site Up Again’ »

Two Level Tree and Its Applications — II

In my previous post, I discussed how to merge and split a two level tree. Before moving on to discuss its applications, let us take a look at the output of the sample program I gave before.  Continue reading ‘Two Level Tree and Its Applications — II’ »

Two Level Tree and Its Applications — I

A two level tree is a simple tree data structure. Unlike in a typical tree where the tree depths could be arbitrary, a two level tree has only two levels as its name suggests. Two level tree is also equivalent to a star. Continue reading ‘Two Level Tree and Its Applications — I’ »

MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA

Setting up the hardware environment to support MIDI devices is relatively easy. in fact, most newer MIDI devices do not rely on the old sound card game port and adding a MIDI device is just like adding an external hard drive. The reason I had to resort to a dual sound card setup is because my MIDI keyboard (MK-4903) is more than ten years old and it only has a game port interface. Continue reading ‘MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA’ »

A Dual Sound Card Setup

Newer sound card usually does not  come with a game port since most of the peripherals nowadays come almost exclusively with USB connections. Continue reading ‘A Dual Sound Card Setup’ »