OK, I admit I was not quite prepared for the traffic I got for my previous post on MS-DEBUG as my website has been overwhelmed by the flood of requests coming in. Yes, I got Slashdotted!

Apparently, I do not have enough memory on the server and the large volume of requests caused the main memory and the swap space to fill up quickly. And eventually I got the “out of memory error”. So for the majority of the day (from noon on), the server was pretty much inaccessible. I even rebooted the server a couple of times but the situation did not improve much due to the number of requests I was handling. I had to fine tune some Apache settings and wait till the requests die down… Anyway, I was finally able to login to my own site twelve hours later after the post initially appeared on Slashdot.

Some readers had kindly pointed out that the information I presented was not entirely accurate. I guess that I did not even realize that it is more of a 64bit versus 32bit Windows issue. One would have assumed that the only real difference between the two is the size of the addressable memory. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to hear the kind of nostalgia you have all expressed.

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