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Google PAC-MAN

The Google PAC-MAN logo is actually a live game! Continue reading ‘Google PAC-MAN’ »

Arduino Development Using NetBeans

The Arduino development environment is probably the preferred development platform for the majority of Arduino users. It is lean and relatively easy to use. Quite a few examples are at your finger tip and even for people without much programming experience, it is relatively easy to get started. You can write and upload your sketches (programs) without the need to ever leave the IDE. Continue reading ‘Arduino Development Using NetBeans’ »

Working With LM19 Temperature Sensor

LM19 is an analog temperature sensor that operates over a while temperature range (-55 to 130 Celsius). It is very easy to interface it with a microcontroller due to is fairly linear voltage output. Continue reading ‘Working With LM19 Temperature Sensor’ »

A Library for LTC1665/LTC1660

ATmega328p does not provide any Digital/Analog conversion channels (although the D/A conversion can be simulated by means of measuring the PWM output). We can easily add up to eight D/A channels using either a LTC1665 (8 bit) or LTC1660 (10 bit) from Linear Technology. Continue reading ‘A Library for LTC1665/LTC1660’ »