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RF Link 2400bps Receiver Output Buffer

I recently dug up two sets of RF link transmitter/receiver modules from Sparkfun. I got these RF transmitters and receivers last year but have not had a chance to build anything with them yet. So I thought I would first wire up a simple transmitter/receiver to test their capabilities. Continue reading ‘RF Link 2400bps Receiver Output Buffer’ »

Wireless Woe Solved

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had been having some issues with my wireless connection at home. My suspicion was that this is an inherent issue with either 2701HG-B hardware or firmware. Continue reading ‘Wireless Woe Solved’ »

Simple Current Transformer

The other day, I needed to measure the AC current of my water heater without having to disconnect the wiring. Typically, you would need a clamp meter to do this. Since I don’t have a clamp meter, I thought I would just make a simple current transformer myself. Continue reading ‘Simple Current Transformer’ »

2701HG-B Issues

It seems that the 2701HG-B gateway AT&T uses for its DSL customers has some issues with its wireless mode. I have noticed that my gateway drops connections seemingly randomly once a while but never thought it was related to the wireless connections. Continue reading ‘2701HG-B Issues’ »