Server Moved to Linode

I just moved my site from my own server to linode‘s VPS hosting. So you should see some pretty significant performance improvement down the road.

Hosting my own site has been fun, but it’s not without its challenges. One biggest issue is the limited upload bandwidth. Because my site was hosted on an ADSL line, the outgoing traffic is limited to less than 0.5 Mbit/sec. That speed is fine for text-only but struggles quite a bit for graphic intensive content. Another issue is the downtime caused by ISP outages. While I have backups for prolonged electricity outage, the connectivity is not guaranteed by the ISP. A few years ago, my site was down for more than a week due to the damages to the phone lines caused by the nor’easter.

My DNS service is still with DynDNS. Their service has been fantastic over the past eight years and I am planning to keep it for the time being instead of hosting my own.

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