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AT&T DSL Usage Cap

Various reports suggest that AT&T DSL usage will soon be capped at 150GB per month starting May 2. And to help users monitor their data usage, AT&T has provided an online tool for users to monitor their internet usage. Continue reading ‘AT&T DSL Usage Cap’ »

I Was Not Alone

In June and July, I wrote a couple of posts (1, 2) about my experience with AT&T, and apparently many more people have had similar experiences. Continue reading ‘I Was Not Alone’ »

Switching from AT&T to … AT&T – My Experience

SBC Yahoo (now AT&T) was the internet service provider I used when I was living in Wisconsin. When I moved to Connecticut, I had to re-establish my internet service. Continue reading ‘Switching from AT&T to … AT&T – My Experience’ »

MTU or 2701HG Gateway Issue?

After I moved to Connecticut, I got my high speed internet from AT&T (SBC Yahoo). Continue reading ‘MTU or 2701HG Gateway Issue?’ »