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A Super Bright Light Source

I did a teardown of a SMART UF-55 DLP Projector a while ago, and later I showed how to hack the ballast board so that the discharge lamp could be powered without the rest of the projector circuitry. Continue reading ‘A Super Bright Light Source’ »

Hacking an OSRAM P-VIP Projector Lamp Driver Board

After taking the SMART UF-55 projector apart, I decided to take a look at the salvaged circuit boards to see whether I could re-use them to power the projector discharge lamp. Most of the modern projectors utilizes some kind of “smart” ballast circuits so that the main board could communicate with the ballast to determine the correct drive level given the required luminous level and monitor the operating temperature. Continue reading ‘Hacking an OSRAM P-VIP Projector Lamp Driver Board’ »