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Adding Off-Screen Buffer to Serial LCD Display

Since the current Arduino tools do not support in-circuit debugging, you will have to rely heavily on the serial print outs when tracking down those hard-to-find bugs unless you are one of those few elites whose code just works 100% every time. It is all good when you are doing your development when a computer is readily available. But what if you need to capture the outputs when you do not have the access to a computer? I found myself running into this situation quite often. Continue reading ‘Adding Off-Screen Buffer to Serial LCD Display’ »

Using FRAM as Nonvolatile Memory With Arduino

One of the biggest advantages of FRAM (or FeRAM, Ferroelectric RAM) over EEPROM is that FRAM has a much higher write speed and typically can operate at bus speed. This means that no delay instructions are needed when performing write operations, which greatly reduces coding complexity and increases the overall throughput. Continue reading ‘Using FRAM as Nonvolatile Memory With Arduino’ »