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Kubuntu 9.04 Test Drive

I was traditionally a KDE user till KDE 4.0 came along. While many users are excited about many of the new features (e.g. Widgets) added in KDE 4, I am simply no big fan of fancy user interfaces. So I have been using GNOME ever since. Of course the beauty of Linux is that running one windows manager does not prevent you from running applications native to another windows manager. Continue reading ‘Kubuntu 9.04 Test Drive’ »

ASUS P5QL Pro Audio Configuration in Ubuntu 8.10 (64 Bit)

After building the new quad core PC, I realized that the sound was not working (at first, I did not pay much attention to sound since this new build is used mainly as a headless node). Continue reading ‘ASUS P5QL Pro Audio Configuration in Ubuntu 8.10 (64 Bit)’ »