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So Why I like Arduino

You probably know this already from just reading some of the posts in my blog. Like millions of others, I am a big Arduino fan. So I thought I would share my side of the story and you can decide for yourself. Continue reading ‘So Why I like Arduino’ »

Alternative Crystal Frequency For Pinguino

After I built my first Pinguino, I decided to do some experiments on using crystals of different frequencies. By default, Pinguino uses a 20 Mhz crystal, since most of the crystals I have run at 16 Mhz I decided to dig a little deeper to see whether I could make Pinguino bootloader run at frequencies other than 20 Mhz. Continue reading ‘Alternative Crystal Frequency For Pinguino’ »

First Pinguino Build

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was in the process of building tools necessary to bootstrap the hardware needed for PIC development. So far, I have built a simple parallel port programmer and have used it to flash the firmware for the USBPICProg programmer I built later on. Continue reading ‘First Pinguino Build’ »